About Greater Maryland

Meet the Greater Maryland Chapter

The Greater Maryland Chapter was founded in 2020 by a small team of long-term NBMBAA® members who recognized an untapped need for Black professionals and businesses in Maryland. COVID-19 and other events in 2020 underscored the absence of resources for this community.

Through programming and structured activities, the Greater Maryland Chapter supports the educational, economic, and career advancement opportunities for Black students, entrepreneurs, and professionals throughout Maryland.

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Programs and activities will primarily target mid- to late-career professionals, and complement the ongoing efforts of the NBMBAA® and local chapters nationwide.
Our seasoned professionals will also help prepare tomorrow’s leaders through strategic programming aimed at undergraduate and graduate students in Maryland.
Through collaboration and partnership, the Greater Maryland Chapter will also serve as a resource and connection hub for Black entrepreneurs.

Founding Members

The Greater Maryland Chapter’s leadership team consists of seasoned professionals and business owners, including members with experience more than 50 years of leadership experience at the national and local levels of the NBMBAA®.